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The Mid Group

The islands to the south of Bo Cho Island (Pu Nala) offer a wide variety of day and overnight anchorages.

We have chosen only some of the prettiest spots in this group, although you can spend days here exploring all the smaller rocky islands and hidden coves and beaches

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46 miles from Kawthaung

FROST ISLAND. 10°28.000N, 98°100E

The Frost brothers of South East Asia Liveaboards (SEAL) discovered this jewel anchorage. Anchor in 12-15 metres off the white sand beach. The all-tide, sandy beach here is breathtaking, and the fringing coral reef provides excellent snorkelling. There are uncharted rocks to the south and west of this anchorage.

Frost Island (115) - Photo by Paul Johnson
Frost Island (115) – Photo by Paul Johnson
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44 miles from Kawthaung

POTTER ISLAND SOUTH. 10°26.291N, 98°12.691E

Fantastic overnight anchorage with a white sand beach and a small spring ashore. Heading north from this anchorage there are several uncharted rocks along the coast of Potter Island.

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45 miles from Kawthaung

POTTER ISLAND NORTH. 10°28.101N, 98°13.176E

Another idyllic overnight anchorage with a spectacular white sand beach ashore. There are a variety of unusual trees along this beach, including one of the biggest fig trees ever.

Every evening the local hornbills congregate in this tree to squabble and squawk over delicacies.

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28 miles from Kawthaung

SOUTHEAST HUMP. 10°16.013N, 98°19.311E

This imaginatively named island is a perfect lunchtime stop en-route to Kawthaung. Anchor in 12-15 metres on white sand, clear of the fringing reef.

There is excellent snorkelling here with good coral, blue spotted rays and small black tip reef sharks.

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