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Palau Legundi & the Krakatoa group

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540 miles from Singapore

PULAU LEGUNDI. 5°49.116S, 105°15.125E

Anchor in 10-14 metres off the fringing reef on the northwest bay of Pulau Legundi. Around the headland, east, is the island village where limited supplies can be found. Anchor on sand at 5°47.983S, 105°17.635E and use the jetty, not the beach as it dries a long way out.

There are plenty of options around this group depending on the prevailing conditions. Just northeast is Pulau Umang Umang, with an all-tide beach with reasonable holding on sand in 4-8 metres, off the beach at 5°47.508S, 105°16.862E.

20 miles south is the famous Krakatoa group well worth a visit. Anchor off the Ranger Station on Anak Krakatoa at 6°06.040S, 105°26.029E in 21-23 metres on black volcanic sand. Hikes up to the live-volcano crater take about two hours and are epic.

Heading east, the last available shelter is either side of Pulau Sangiang athwart the best line through the straits. On the west coast protection can be found two hundred metres off the beach in 8 metres at 5°57.560S, 105°50.881E. On the east coast shelter is best between the fringing reef off the research jetty in 5-7 metres at 5°57.832S, 105°51.990E. There is plenty of ferry traffic between Merak on Java and Lampung on Sumatra. Keep a good watch.

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