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A TANJUNG PIAI NATIONAL PARK 5 miles from Singapore

TANJUNG PIAI NATIONAL PARK. 1°15.952N, 103°31.057E

This low-lying mangrove headland is a national park and heralds the starting point of the Malacca Straits. To the east is the cargo port of Tanjung Pelepas, Forest City (see box) and the Tuas 2nd Link Bridge connecting Singapore to Malaysia.

Anchor on thick mud in 2 metres, 600 metres directly east of the concrete pier and take your dinghy to stand on the southernmost tip of mainland Eurasia and peninsular Malaysia.

The land side of the jetty has interesting monuments and plaques to that effect. The smaller pier 200 metres north has less foot traffic but dries at the end on very low tides. The half-kilometre elevated walkway through the national park mangroves is worth the sweat. The timbers are well maintained and you\'re sure to see plenty of huge mudskippers amongst the mangroves and macaque monkeys overhead.

The walkway finishes at the asphalt road with National Park office, a few monuments and some rustic places to shop and eat. The park entrance fee is 5RM. A mile north is the stilted Tanjung Piai Resort with a seafood restaurant.



Shelter can be found between Kukup Island and Kukup Town anywhere in the deep basin away from the hundreds of floating fish farms.

Approaching from the south, pass the Kukup Outer flashing Lateral Green and White special light on starboard to avoid the 1-metre mud bank. Anchor anywhere in the calmer areas north of the Lateral Red light off the Pulau Kukup National Park sign.

On the mainland is the bright yellow CIQ ferry terminal with immigration and daily connections to Indonesian Sekupang Batam and Karimun Rau islands. There are plenty of colourful stilted seafood restaurants on the mainland side with excellent local fare and a rustic local town. Across the channel, Kukup Island is a National Park with a long jetty and a 1-kilometre suspended boardwalk through the mangroves to an observation deck.

C PULAU PISANG 22 miles from Singapore

PULAU PISANG. 1°27.735N,103°15.896 E

Pulau Pisang belongs to but the lighthouse and road leading to it were built in 1914 and remain administered by Singapore's Marine and Ports Authority (MPA).

Anchorage can be found south of the jetty on the 2-metre bank of thick mud. In southwest swell, reasonable shelter can be found just to the north of Pulau Sauh on mud at 1° 28.481N, 103° 16.206E.

Passage is possible between the islands at all tides for vessels drawing less than 2.5 metres. Ashore a track leads from the jetty to the historic lighthouse.

Forest City

In the west Johor Strait, between Singapore and Malaysia, dozens of dredgesand barges are making ten square kilometres of reclaimed land called ForestCity. The four separate islands start a mile southwest of Tuas 2nd LinkBridge and run to just east of the entrance channel to Port of TanjungPelepas (PTP) Commercial Port. Forest City is the most ambitious high-riseresidential reclamation project in the region. So close to Singapore, it\'shighly controversial but well-funded and coming online phenomenally fast.The first island with shopping centres and sales buildings are alreadycompleted and connected to Malaysia by a short causeway.

The design concept is to construct Malaysia\'s first smart eco-cityin line with Singapore standards. The business strategy is aimed at theChinese and includes freehold foreign ownership, international schoolsand universities, massive shopping malls and walking streets, retirementcommunities, e-commerce, financial centres and possibly three luxury marinas,one with a CIQ ferry terminal.

The idea is to have the entire city covered by vertical greeneries, skygardens and rooftop forests. No vehicles will be traversing on its surface.All roads, highways, parking, sewage and infrastructures are underneaththe main platforms, just above sea level. The Forest City four-island projectwill house upwards of half a million residents when completed in 2020.

Tanjung Piai National Park – the southernmost tip of both mainland Eurasia and peninsular Malaysia - Photo by Bill O’Leary
Tanjung Piai National Park – the southernmost tip of both mainland Eurasia and peninsular Malaysia - Photo by Bill O’Leary

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