Incorporating the Andaman Sea, Gulf of Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia… and more

Southeast Asia Pilot by Bill O’Leary & Andy Dowden

Indonesia The Central Region Makassar

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E MAKASSAR 630 miles from Ambon

MAKASSAR. 5°08.248S, 119°23.833E

Access from the south is less headache but the northern approaches are deep and well marked. Anchor on mud and sand in 4-9 metres south of the main traffic areas. There are plenty of options for dinghy tie-up southeast, behind the new reclamation at the circular concrete esplanades.

Makassar is regarded as the southern Sulawesi capital and, as such, remains a bustling metropolis with plenty of action ashore, a lively nightlife and flight and ferry access to most connections in the Republic.

Most of what’s needed for cruising yachts and superyachts can be easily found in this busy town – and what’s not here can be flown in from Bali or Jakarta. There are plenty of markets, good repair facilities for all sizes of vessels and access to engineers and most big engine brand spare parts. Town and airport are a short ride away.

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