Incorporating the Andaman Sea, Gulf of Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia… and more

Southeast Asia Pilot by Bill O’Leary & Andy Dowden

Philippines Palawan Port Barton to Boayan Islands

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C PORT BARTON 28 miles from Sebang Village

PORT BARTON. 10°24.975N, 119° 10.370E

The cruising north and east of Jimboom Bay offers dozens of opportunities for anchorage and exploration.

Approaching Port Barton beware of fish farms at the mouth of the bay. A course of 138° arriving and 318° departing avoids the reefs. Anchor off the village in 3-4 metres on sand, about 150 metres off the beach. Going ashore by dinghy, head for the massive propeller hanging outside the Jambalaya Café.

There is a laundry and Caltex station close by and a water hose on the beach next to the café. Essential provisions are in the village and the Jambalaya Café has great Cajun themed food and the coldest beer in town. The Summer House resort offers free WiFi.

D BOAYAN ISLAND 31 miles from Sebang Village

BOAYAN ISLAND. 10°34.555N, 119°9.726E

Boayan Island and surrounds offer a dozen decent anchorages in either season. Our spot is in the large protected north-facing hook-shaped bay.

There is a large privately owned house ashore at the eastern end of the bay and good holding is on sand in 10 metres. The many unpopulated islands around here often have a minefield of fishing nets and pots dotted around them. Night sailing is not recommended.

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