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Southeast Asia Pilot by Bill O’Leary & Andy Dowden

Philippines Palawan Emergency Point to Liminangcong

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E EMERGENCY POINT 42 miles from Sebang Village

EMERGENCY POINT. 10°46.220N, 119°16.330E

A very dramatic anchorage under the peak of Mt Capoas and also with a sandy beach and a few dwellings ashore. A good photo-op. Can be open to any swell so other options may be preferred.

F WEST CAPOAS PENINSULA (a) 45 miles & (b) 49 miles from Sebang Village

(a) White Island. 10°50.56N 119°14.43E
(b) Cape Ross. 10°56.00N 119°13.84E

This area is protected from the northeast and there are numerous good anchorages to chose from. Here are just two of the many.

(a) Anchor in the bay in 5 metres on sand just to the north of White Island.

(b) Just to the south of Cape Ross keeping clear of Bay Rock.

G ALLIGATOR IS., MALAMPAYA SOUND 62 miles from Sebang Village

ALLIGATOR ISLAND. 10°50.781N, 119°17.720E

Malampaya Sound is deep, 20 miles long and offers plenty of opportunity to shelter in dozens of well-protected anchorages.

This is a recommended anchorage for most conditions and ashore on the river is the small town of Calapa. Two other recommended hurricane holes are Taitai Bay, five miles northwest, where high surrounding hills guarantee calm waters. Eight miles further north, toward Endeavour Passage, is the Pirate’s Hole at 10°56.800N, 119°19.500E.

H LIMINANGCONG JETTY – ENDEAVOUR PASS 68 miles from Sebang Village

LIMINANGCONG JETTY. 11°0.579N, 119°18.066E

Endeavour Passage with Tulutan Island on its west side has depths generally greater than 10 metres and offers a route northwards to the ocean. At the north end is the town of Liminangcong which has a concrete dock where you can moor alongside to take fuel.

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