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Philippines Palawan Corongcorong & El Nido Bays

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J CORONGCORONG BAY, EL NIDO 75 miles from Sebang Village

CORONGCORONG BAY. 11°10.060N, 119°23.640E

Anchor in 10 metres in this long sandy bay. It’s a 10-minute walk or a five pesos tricycle ride over the isthmus to El Nido town. A great northeast season anchorage with all the amenities you’d expect ashore at the main town.

There are boat tours on offer to the many lagoons and islands offshore and this may be the best option as a base for exploration since the depths at other locations make anchoring difficult. Notable destinations are Lagen Island, Guntao island to the south and Tapiutan Strait to the north. Daytime anchoring is possible in these locations for diving and snorkelling.

K EL NIDO BAY 77 miles from Sebang Village

EL NIDO BAY. 11°11.065N, 119°23.230E

Anchor in 5 metres on sand north of the main town jetty. This is sheltered in the southwest season but a lot busier than Corongcorong Bay due to the tour boat traffic. The rolled gravel airstrip is four miles northeast from town with flights to Manila and Tay Tay.

Local fishing boats at El Nido - Photo by Lestertair /
Local fishing boats at El Nido - Photo by Lestertair /

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