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Philippines Palawan Cabugan Islands to Marasai Bay

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F CABUGAN ISLANDS 29 miles from Balabac Island, Anchorage ‘A’

CABUGAN ISLANDS. 8° 23.799N, 117° 15.809E

A hideaway for a good night’ s rest. Tucked between small islets the location offers excellent protection for all conditions. Choose your own preferred depth and anchor in mud.

G TAGUGSOM BAY, BONBON POINT 47 miles from Balabac Island, Anchorage ‘A’

TAGUGSOM BAY. 8° 36.098N, 117° 15.915E

This mangrove lined cove is a handy little bolt hole tucked less than a mile behind Bonbon Point. Anchor in sand and mud. Actual depths appear to be slightly shallower than chartered depths and it may be susceptible to swell from the west. Enter closer to Bonbon point to avoid the reefs and work your way in until you find a suitable depth. Fishing stakes are in the shallows on either side. Surprisingly it is sparsely populated given its good shelter and easy access.

H MARASI BAY & BUCID ISLAND 60 miles from Balabac Island, Anchorage ‘A’

MARASI BAY. 8° 45.398N, 117° 22.957E

A long line of rocks run from the eastern end of Bucid Island across the bay to form a lagoon. There is a narrow pass between the two sets of rocks at approximately 08°45.6N, 117°23.5E. Great care should be taken to find this gap as the water is not clear and the bottom shoals quickly from around 20-23 metres in the pass itself.

Once inside, the depth decreases when turning west to follow south of the rocks back towards the island. Anchor in 7 metres in front of the village in sand and avoid the reef to the south and west. It is well worth the effort to stop in this very picturesque anchorage. The village of around 20 families is very traditional and the people are shy and not very outgoing.

These Palawan notes have been kindly provided by Terry Sergeant, Morgan Hayes and most recently by Mark Holroyd, based on cruising notes recorded from 2014 to 2016

Mount Mantalingahan, Rizal Province
Mount Mantalingahan, Rizal Province

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