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110 miles from Manila Yacht Club

PUERTO GALERA. 13°30.750N, 120°57.250E

On the northern coast of the island of Mindoro lies Puerto Galera, a perfectly sheltered natural harbour.

There are two approach passages, north through the Batangas Channel and northwest through the Manila Channel, between Medio and Boquete Islands. However, the eastern entrance channel, Batangas Channel, has a low and very hard-to-see power cable stretching across it and is therefore unusable by sailing boats of any size above about 20ft.

The western, Manila Channel, is the only one to use for most cruising boats

There are a number of swinging moorings in front of the jetty and a service boat. Contact the Puerta Galera Yacht Club on VHF Ch. 68.

Most facilities are available ashore and this is one of the favourite destinations for cruising yachts. The snorkelling and diving are world class with many dive operators using Puerto Galera as their base.

Thanks to Sie Adam, s/y Freebird, Cairns for the correction regarding the Batangas Channel.

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