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26 miles from Sisters Islands

SEBANA COVE MARINA. 01°24.762N, 104°09.806E

The river entrance to Sebana Cove is north of Pengileh CIQ and the Malaysian Naval Base and east of Pulau Tekong at 1°24.248N, 104°06.694E. This resort marina is nestled five miles up the shallow, and not particularly well-buoyed, Santi River. On the approach to the river mouth there is a sand bar extending from the north entrance. The mangrove channel has a minimum depth of approximately 2.3 metres at LAT.

The mangrove river itself has port and starboard buoys right up to the marina entrance. There are 100 berths and all the usual amenities of a modern marina, residential low-rise waterfront apartments and a golf course. x
VHF Ch.71. +60 7826 6688

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