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    8-11 miles from RLYC


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    The northern anchorage (Q) 6°12.636N, 99°46.225E is in 8-12 metres on a muddy bottom surrounded by beautiful remote bush-clad islands. Do not anchor too close to the reef. There is no beach.

    The anchorage at (R) 6°12.257N, 99°46.775E on a muddy bottom at 6-8 metres, is a well protected bay in the northeast season and gives access to the commercial speedboat and dinghy landing jetty. From here take the conventional path leading to the famous freshwater lake, otherwise known as the Lake of the Pregnant Maiden. (See Box).

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    Inside are pontoons, cordoned off pools with easy exit ladders, dozens of paddle boats available for rent and entertaining schools of catfish to feed.

    To the south of the jetty, directly east of our anchorage at 6°12.200N, 99°46.962E the lake almost meets the sea again. More adventurous rogues can scramble over the 5-metre-high natural rock wall to swim privately and fill your jerry cans. A completely different, and some think a far better experience.

    Further to the south is a very picturesque channel between the small islands and the high cliffs, with deep water right though, leading to a well-protected anchorage (S) 6°11.152N, 99°47.248E in 8-12 metres between the shores of the two islands.

    Further east is a beautiful south-facing bay where anchorage (T) 6°10.999N, 99°47.967E in 4 metres gives good access to exploring the beach ashore and the indented cove to starboard with its small private beach.

    Proceeding around, leaving Pulau Ujung Buloh to the south, tuck in close in this wonderful protected anchorage (U) 6°10.111N, 99°48.775E in 4-7 metres used by local fishing boats.


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    Tasik Dayang Bunting
    (Lake of the Pregnant Maiden)

    Legend has it that the waters from the lake (also known as Princess Lake) inside Pulau Dayang can bestow fertility upon barren women. Centuries ago this fresh water lake was supposedly the favourite bathing place of the local princess Mambang Sari. A famous young warrior named Met Taja used to spy on her while she bathed. They eventually met, fell in love and had a baby son who did not live long.

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    Having reconciled with their misfortune they decided to travel back to the lake where they sank their son to allow him to rest in peace. At that time the Princess blessed the lake so that all women who swam in it would become more fertile. This legend has a strong following in Malaysia where many young women hopeful of conceiving still swim in its waters. To add to the mystery the hills behind the lake look like a pregnant lady lying on her back.

    This lake and surrounding area are part of the Dayang Bunting Marble Geoforest Park and one of the three Geoparks of Langkawi with limestone, marble and several caves. The lake itself is a collapsed underwater cave linking to artesian fresh water chambers. It’s only ten metres from the ocean at the closest point – but it’s clean, clear, fresh water.

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