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Narcondam Island

Probably one of the world’s most spectacular and isolated spots, Narcondam is an extinct volcano covered in thick jungle. Although the volcano is extinct, there are impressive underwater volcanic plumes around the island.

Narcondam has white sand beaches, stunning scenery and amazing diving, snorkelling and fishing.

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97 miles from North Button

NARCONDAM SOUTH BAY. 13°25.7N, 94°15.5E

Anchor in 18 metres clear of the rock cliff. Reasonable protection in northeasterlies.

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98 miles from North Button

NARCONDAM MANTA BAY. 13°25.828N, 94°15.851E

Anchor in 15-20 metres on a sand and broken coral bottom. There are silly numbers of mantas in this anchorage.

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101 miles from North Button

NARCONDAM POLICE POST BAY. 13°27.456N, 94°16.645E

Anchor in 5-7 metres in front of the police station, which was destroyed during the 2004 tsunami and left unoccupied for several years. It now has a contingent of around 15 police and army. They rarely get visitors and are very friendly and welcoming.

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100 miles from North Button

NARCONDAM NORTH BAY. 13°27.806N, 94°16.519E

Superb anchorage in 15 metres off a fringing coral reef. A white sand beach, coconuts, jungle, the volcano and fabulously clear water complete the picture.

A tree lizard – Photo by Paul Johnson

Narcondam summit walk

On the west side of island, look for a distinctive deep valley that runs up the volcano to just below the summit (see chart). Land here on a rock pebble beach.

Ignore the deep valley and walk north along the beach about 150 metres to some large boulders – behind these is a steep sided gulley; walk up this.

After about 200 metres, strike right out of the gulley on some large tree roots and climb steeply for about 400 metres on a heading of about 140º to just below the ridgeline.

Stay below the ridgeline and turn left paralleling it until you get to a very large fallen tree. Now head up to the ridgeline and then walk up through mature forest to the summit.

One highlight of this walk is the opportunity to see the very rare Narcondam Hornbill [Rhyticeros narcondami] which is only found on this island.

Ascent time is three hours, descent two. This is not a gentle stroll. You need to be quite fit and agile to attempt it.

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