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Pulau Redang & Perhentian Besar

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REDANG HARBOUR. 5°45.071N, 103°00.131E

Approach from the south or east in daytime only (unless you have radar) leaving the small stand of Pulau Penang to port. There are leading marks into the small harbour where the jetty and other anchored vessels can be clearly seen.

Anchor in 6-8 metres on a sand-mud bottom amongst the other anchored vessels. A village ashore is basic but there’s a proper fuelling dock at the head of the jetty and the international airport is a short distance by road. There are some nice beaches on Pulau Penang and a small resort.

The whole south east coast of the island, which has many sandy bays, is developed with a series of budget bungalow resorts and 4- and 5-star properties. Adjacent to the red and white telephone mast there is even a small floating dock in front of a resort, suitable for shallow draft vessels only.

Anchorage along this coast is possible in 5-10 metres off any of the beaches in the right wind conditions. Our favourite is in 3-5 metres at 5° 46.529N, 103° 02.170E. Approach by turning to port just north of the island connected by the sand isthmus. Ashore is a seasonal floating jetty and half a dozen resorts and restaurants.

Several small islands lie off this coast including the well-known dive site Pulau Lima. There is also an unmarked drying sand bank less than a mile offshore in open water; passage close to the coast at night is not recommended without good local knowledge.

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45 miles from Terengganu

PERHANTIAN CHANNEL. 5°54N, 102°44.208E

This pair of islands is the last shelter with provisioning opportunity before crossing the Thai border. Rounding the point of Pulau Perhantian Besar to enter the protected channel from the south, what may have appeared to be a relatively uninhabited island is actually full of bungalows, hotels and restaurants on both sides of the channel.

It is easy to anchor virtually anywhere in the channel in 5-8 metres, looking out for the occasional isolated shallow coral patches closer in on the east side. Our spot in the south at the narrowest part of the channel is offshore from several rustic dive bungalow resorts with plenty on offer day and night.

The group’s administrative centre is the village on Pulau Perhantian Kecil, where limited provisions are available and daily ferries run to Kota Bharu and Kuala Besut from the commercial jetty. Anchorage is available just south of the jetty on sand in 4-7 metres at 5° 53.688N, 102° 43.767E. The all tide beach south of the jetty is a safe place to leave your dinghy and the local market is a few hundred metres away. Jerry can amounts of fuel are available for sale.

An excellent sheltered spot in the southerly season is around Genting Point to the all-tide beach bay of Perhentian Island Resort. Anchor on sand in 5-8 metres in the middle of the bay at 5° 54.248N, 102° 44.504E and access the floating jetty in the west of the bay. Alternatively, across the channel at Long Beach is another spot with plenty of bungalow restaurants and dive shops at 5° 55.039N, 102° 43.436E. Anchor in front of the Mowhin Chalets in the south corner in 4-7 metres on sand.

Out of the channel and a few miles northwest are the twin islets of Susu Dara and the famous dive site Tokong Laut. Moor or anchor just south of the low-lying rocks to dive the underwater caves housing dozens of protected sleeping grey bamboo sharks. Pick up a mooring or anchor in a comfortable depth on sand in the south of the small channel between the rocky island and Pulau Susu Dara Kecil at 5° 57.589N, 102° 40.844E for access to these iconic dive sites.

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