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Pulau Redang & Perhentian Besar

Probably the finest islands on the east coast and they have excellent anchorages to break the journey north. The main ferry terminal and jetty on Pulau Redang is in the southern bay close by the new airport.

Flights to KL and Singapore have brought a new level of tourism to the island. The Perhantians have exploded in the last 10 years, with a new wave of young international tourists, particularly Malaysians and Singaporeans.

Pulau Redang chart
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25 miles from Terengganu

REDANG HARBOUR. 5°45.071N, 103°00.131E

Approach from the south or east in daytime only (unless you have radar) leaving the small isand of Pulau Penang to port. There are leading marks into the small harbour where the jetty and other anchored vessels can be clearly seen.

Anchor in 6-8 metres on a sand-mud bottom amongst the other anchored vessels. The village ashore is basic but there’s a proper fuelling dock at the head of the jetty and the international airport is a short distance by road. There are some nice beaches and a small resort on Pulau Penang.

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4 miles from Redang Harbour

NORTH BAY REDANG. 5°47.302N, 103°01.004E

Anchor in 6-8 metres on a sandy bottom. There are two beaches ashore with a seasonal floating jetty for Berjaya’s Taaras Beach and Spa Resort on the west side. The hotel welcomes visitors and has good restaurants and spa facilities. The water in this bay is clear, with plenty of fish both sides for snorkelling and diving.

Another day anchorage worth mentioning for environmental reasons is a few miles around the corner at Chagar Hutang on the north coast. Anchor on sand in 6-8 metres at 5°48.920N, 103°00.453E and take a trip ashore to see the Seatru Field Station Turtle Research and Conservation Area. Manned 24/7 all year, this beach is a protected turtle egg sanctuary where constant security is required to stop hungry locals digging the eggs up as soon as they’re laid.

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45 miles from Terengganu

PERHENTIAN CHANNEL. 5°54N, 102°44.208E

This pair of islands is the last shelter with provisioning opportunity before crossing the Thai border. Rounding the point of Pulau Perhantian Besar to enter the protected channel from the south, what may have appeared to be a relatively uninhabited island is actually full of bungalows, hotels and restaurants on both sides of the channel.

Pulau Perhentian Besar chart

It is easy to anchor virtually anywhere in the channel in 5-8 metres, looking out for the occasional isolated shallow coral patches closer in on the east side. Our spot, in the south at the narrowest part of the channel, is offshore from several rustic dive bungalow resorts with plenty on offer day and night.

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2 miles from the Perhentian Channel

ARWANA PERHENTIAN RESORT. 5°53.510N, 102°45.137E

This spectacular sandy bay with crystal clear water is home to the Arawana Perhantian Resort. Anchor in 6-9 metres outside the cleared channel and dinghy through the coral heads to a small dinghy jetty.

The resort offers fine food and reasonably priced rooms; there is only boat access to and from the busy tourist communities in the channel.

Just 36 miles north is the town of Kota Bharu and the Thai border.

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