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110 miles from Singapore

MERSING. 2°26.600N, 103°51.113E

On the mainland, the port of Mersing has a river entrance to a jetty where fuel and water can be taken onboard. The jetty is the main ferry terminal to go to Tioman.

The channel is buoyed and has leading markers. The entrance sand bank is about one mile wide and very shallow. The rule of thumb is to effectively assume that the sandbars dry at datum.

There are plenty of ferries to follow in if you are unsure of the access depths. If you must stop here and can put up with the roll, drop anchor in 5 metres and go ashore by dinghy.

Mersing is a small, crowded, busy river and the main ferry transit point to Tioman and some dozen smaller islands. Offshore but close are Pulaus Tinggi, Rawa, Babi Basar and Sribuat. All offer reasonable anchorages, depending on prevailing winds.

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10 miles from Mersing

PULAU RAWA. 2°31.005N, 103°58.492E

There is good holding in 8-10 metres in front of the resort which has a jetty and a long covered walkway running parallel to the beach and rocky headland. This is one of the first resorts built in the area and is owned by a nephew of the Sultan of Johor. It’s easy to spot from a distance since the name of the island is carved into the mountain backdrop. To the north are a number of very small islets and drying rocks, which offer snorkeling and diving opportunities.

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8 miles from Mersing

PULAU BABI BESAR. 2°25.855N, 103°58.494E

Safe anchorage can be found on the east or west coast on Babi Besar according to the prevailing winds in 6-8 metres. Our spot is off the fringing reef and jetty near Aseania Beach Resort on the southwest beach. A few low-key bungalow resorts and restaurants can be found ashore.

Two miles to the north are the twin islands of Pulau Babi Kechil, joined by a shallow 5-metre reef, which offers excellent snorkeling. On the southern Kechil is a small resort with concrete jetty and walkway. Depending on the swell daytime anchorage in 3-6 metres is possible south of the wide beach and opposite the jetty at 2° 28.402N, 103° 57.377E.

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