The Tioman (Seri Buat) Group

The Tioman and Seri Buat Island Group chart
Tioman Island chart
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120 miles from Singapore

TEKOK TEKEK (TIOMAN MARINA). 2°49.113N, 104°9.397E

Best to approach the bay in daylight hours as the fringing reef rises rapidly from 20 metres. Anchorage is possible off the reef along the entire length of the bay in 12 metres or more on a rocky bottom.

Next to the ferry terminal jetty, behind a long rock wall breakwater, is the marina at Teluk Tekek village. The construction was highly controversial on environmental grounds, but is certainly a welcome facility for yachts visiting the island. However, there are only 50 berths and you’ll be lucky to get onto the visitors’ dock.

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Best chance is to arrive around midday when working boats are out. It is run by the Harbour Department, which is located at the Ferry Terminal where CIQ clearance takes place. If that is locked up, cross the street to the airport and they’ll call the officials in for you. Fuel is scarce and can only be delivered in small quantities by jerry can.

The marina sits below unspoilt jungle-covered mountains with the community and airstrip running along the coastal flats. Watching aircraft take off and land is entertaining.

There is a resort, several bungalow-style hotels ashore, and a village behind a sandy beach. Teluk Tekek Village is close to the airport, and most light provisions are available.

There are regular direct flights to KL and Singapore with Berjaya Air and significant numbers of tourists arrive for the weekends.

Two miles southwest of the airport in front of Berjaya Resort is the tiny island of Pulau Renggis, which boasts the unique site where hundreds of fruit bats congregate at sunset. Above the resort is a mountainside golf course overlooking the bay.


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14 miles from Tioman Marina

TELOK JUARA. 2°47.39N, 104°12.22E

This east coast resort bay, with two sand beaches, provides excellent protection in the southwest monsoon Anchor in 10 metres on a sandy bottom off the northern beach jetty at the Juara Bay Resort.

There is a small community village ashore and several small resorts where limited provisions are available.

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A scenic six‑kilometre track that now can take motorbikes runs back over the mountain to Teluk Tekek Village Bay. Above the high tide line on the southern beach are temporary low fenced mesh and bamboo turtle hatchery compounds in the sand.

Each year conservationists erect these to protect the newly-laid eggs, then two months later release over 20,000 turtle hatchlings into the waters here. Statistically only two will survive long enough to return to lay their eggs.


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12 miles from Tioman Marina

MUKUT VILLAGE (STH TIOMAN). 2°43.129N, 104°11.688E

Anchor in 8-15 metres on sand in front of the village. Mukut is the small friendly kampong fishing village on this southern coast of Tioman. There are a number of small bays and basic resorts scattered along this coast.

The scenery is impressive, with the distinctive twin peaks ‘Donkey’s Ears’ or ‘Dragon Horns’ of Gunung Semukut towering above. This is one of Malaysia’s most sought-after rock climbing destinations.

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The trail begins from the base at Mukut and splits into different routes, including the 10-minute walk to the famous ‘South Pacific’ waterfall, Asah. Water is available on the concrete jetty, which smaller vessels can approach at high tide. Just north on their own beaches are Minang Cove, Bagus Place and Tunamaya resorts.


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Donkey’s Ears or Dragon Horns of Gunung Semukut
The distinctive ‘Donkey’s Ears’ or ‘Dragon Horns’ of Gunung Semukut | Photo by Bill O’Leary

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