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140 miles from Bitung

TERNATE. 0°47.066N, 127°23.433E

Anchor on the 15- 23 metre patch anywhere close to the jetties north of the main wharves.

Ternate’s landscape is consumed by the volcanic cone of Gunung Api Gamalama. The sprawling town sweeps to the base of the volcano on the eastern side and is the regional gateway for the entire Halmahere region. Ashore you can find minimum supplies, restricted banking services and a few small local hotels and restaurants. The town is 30 minutes from the airport and there are daily flights to Manado.

From his house in Ternate in 1858, Alfred Wallace wrote the crucial letter to Charles Darwin in England, outlining his theory of evolution. In this groundbreaking ‘Ternate Essay’, entitled “On the tendency of varieties to depart indefinitely from the original type”, Wallace outlined his version of natural selection as it related to his own theory of evolution.

The Wallace Line is an imaginary boundary running more or less north south between Bali and Lombok and Kalimantan and Sulawesi. It delineates Australiasian and Southeast Asian flora and fauna.

Ternate city with Gunung Api Gamalama in the background - Ricard Buxo
Ternate city with Gunung Api Gamalama in the background – Ricard Buxo

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