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Koh Chong Lat & Koh Khlui Channel

Access to the channel

The deep entrance to the north of Koh Chong lat is easily navigable, as is the middle entrance just north of Koh Khlui. the middle entrance should be approached on an easterly heading, turning southeast between the islands.

Inside the main channel between Koh Chong lat and the mainland, immediately north of the middle passage, is a dangerous area of shallow water with drying rocks. This should be left well to port if heading north.


If entering the main channel from the south, its better to stay close to Koh Khlui which will afford a minimum depth of three metres.

When entering from the north it is better to pass through the narrow channel between Koh Ngam and Koh Chong lat which is deep rather than passing north of Koh Ngam where there is a very large drying bank.

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25 miles from Yacht haven

NORTHERN CHANNEL. 8° 16.651N, 98° 37.823E

This is a quiet location with beautiful views of the sheer cliffs of Koh Chong lat to the west. the anchorage is on a direct line between the two islets shown on the chart, in 8-10 metres, near a lovely mangrove-covered flat, which is awash at high tide.

This spot is good for all wind conditions, though mid-tide currents of up to three knots mean that care should be taken if swimming from the boat.

Local lore has it that there are no longer any crocodiles in the area, although there are families of sea otters which can be spotted at dusk.

This has been used as an overnight anchorage for the Bay Regatta which is held every year close to Chinese New Year and attracts up to 50 yachts.

To the east on the mainland at leam Sak village is an excellent seafood restaurant which can be accessed directly by dinghy at high tide or via a concrete jetty on the west side of the headland at the head of the mangrove creek.

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24 miles from Yacht haven

MIDDlE PASSAGE. 8° 14.784N, 98° 38.296E

Anchorage can be found in the passage in 4-5 metres, making for a good overnight stop in either season. To the north and south large and scenic bays with shallow waters are easily reached by dinghy. The bay to the south is an ideal anchorage for bilge keelers or vessels drawing less than one metre.

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23 miles from Yacht haven

KOH KHLUI EAST. 8° 14.243N, 98° 38.648E

Koh Khlui east is very sheltered, with good holding in the southwest monsoon. The best anchorage is just south of the small inlet in about five metres. This is also the best place from which to explore the bay and rocky outcrops to the north by dinghy.

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