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Ao Nang

Ao Nang
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2 miles from ao Nang, Krabi

KOH SAM. 8° 02.308N, 98° 47.797E

Anchor in sand just south of the four islets in around 4-5 metres. The water is very clear, and the shallows are easy to spot. This is an excellent overnight stop in the northeast monsoon.

Dinghy excursions up the river are possible keeping close to the western shore at the entrance. Once over the bar, the water is deeper and the inlet is bounded by sandy beaches. The entrance is also suitable for speedboats and shallow draft vessels.

Inside the river are two jetties used by small local boats. On the west bank is a bungalow resort development and on the east bank, a road with many local food stalls alongside provides access to the main road to Krabi and Ao Nang. The east side jetty is the transit point for all guest and staff vessels to Centara Grand Beach Resort on the east side of the Ao Nang headland.

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5 miles from ao Nang


Anchor in 4-5 metres about 300 metres offshore in front of the resort. The beach dries a long way out at low tide and the best dinghy access is near the creek which runs into the sea in the centre of the beach. Transport to ao Nang is readily available.

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5 miles from ao Nang

AO NANG. 8° 01.527N, 98° 49.146E

This wide, shallow bay lends a secure haven in the northeast season, with anchorage in about 4-5 metres well offshore. Definitely not suitable in the southwest season when a 2-metre wave can develop.

Ao Nang is important due to its access to the main road to town, though it is the beauty of the beaches on the peninsula immediately south that have made Krabi world-famous. Rock walls prevent road access to these beaches.

Resorts, bungalows, shops and restaurants are all along the beachfront esplanade at Ao Nang. Telephone, transport, nightlife and all the usual amenities of a bustling resort town are on offer and, under the headland on the east side of the bay, is the landlocked Centara Grand Beach Resort.

Road transfer to Phuket Island takes about 2 hours. transport for this trip is near the resorts. The local bus service into Krabi town, about 20 km away, is by ‘song taew’, a small truck with benches in the back. The bungalows hidden on Koh Dam Hok can be booked through Krabi Resort.

Krabi International Airport is to the northwest of the town, about 40 minutes from Ao Nang. There are regular direct flights to and from Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore and seasonal direct charter flights from Europe.

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