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Leam Nang

Laem Nang
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1 mile from ao Nang, Krabi

RAI LEI BEACH. 8° 00.637N, 98° 50.094E

Anchorage is in 4-5 metres on sand in the centre of the bay. This bay has spectacular stacks of rock forming headlands to the north and south.

in the shade of the coconut palms fringing the beach, restaurants and bungalows tend to be frequented by educated budget travellers, contributing to the easygoing ambiance. Some comfortable private houses are set back from the north end of the beach, for rent on a daily basis.

a reef, easily seen in the clear waters and a magnet for snorkellers, extends into the bay at the southern end of the beach. Walk along the headland at low tide, and find several caves, fissures and spectacular overhangs. Going to the right on the beach, there are longtail boats for hire; there is no road access to this area due to the enclosing rock walls.

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1.5 miles from ao Nang, Krabi

THAM PHRA NANG. 8° 00.214N, 98° 50.252E

Just around the corner from the tall stack which forms Koh Nang is the most strikingly attractive palm-fringed bay in the region. Anchorage with reasonable swinging room is possible for three or four vessels in 5-6 metres on a sandy bottom in the northeast monsoon season.

Between Koh Nang and the beach is a colourful coral reef, excellent for snorkelling. This passage is definitely impassable for keel-boats, and even for dinghies it’s advisable only at high water, whatever the activities of the local longtail boats might seem to suggest.

There is a famous cave at the south end of the beach with a colourful phallic shrine inside. lots of rocky overhangs and outcrops make for great exploring. Behind the beach lies the Rayavadee Resort in a spectacular coconut-grove setting. Hotel facilities are for guests only. there is no access by road.

Sport rock climbing has been thriving here on the steep-sided limestone pillars — although it is unclear exactly which areas are affected by recent a local government ban on sport climbing. During the life of this edition, we expect the officials to see sense and reinstate this eco-friendly form of adventure tourism.

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3 miles from ao Nang, Krabi

AO NAM MAO. 8° 00.586N, 98° 50.619E

This anchorage provides reasonable shelter, particularly during wind or swells from the west, and is the one used by supply boats from Krabi town that service the hotels and bungalows on the rock-enclosed peninsula.

The headland to the east is the famous fossil shell beach locally known as the Su San hoi which has huge slabs that look like poured concrete embedded with 75 million-year-old shells.

You can tie your dinghy to the new jetty that extends out past the low water mark at the southern end and walk ashore.

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