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North Phi Phi Don

Koh Phi Phi Don, Krabi, Thailand
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Ao Lanah

17 miles from Ao Nang, Krabi

AO LANAH. 7°46.133N, 98°45.624E

Not the most picturesque bay on Phi Phi, but a handy anchorage in the northeast monsoon season for late arrivals from Krabi. Pick up one of the seven moorings and enjoy the best snorkelling in Phi Phi right off your stern – or anchor further out in 10 metres on sand.

Just to the west is beautiful but shallow Ao Nui, also accessed on land by a track over the ridge spine. Ao Nui has enough room for a single yacht just south of the islet off the fringing reef in 3 metres.

There’s a well-worn footpath ashore that leads to the main track along the backbone of Phi Phi Don. South leads to the main town in Ton Sai Bay and north is a short stroll to the Holiday Inn and Zeavola resorts.

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15 miles from Ao Nang, Krabi

HOLIDAY INN RESORT. 7°46.717N, 98°45.849E

In the southwest monsoon, good anchorage is available in 8-10 metres offshore from the Holiday Inn Resort and Zeavola, on the beach and hillside. The beach is fringed with coral reefs, and about 200 metres of tidal flats dry out at spring low tides. Longtail boats are always available for the trip south to Ton Sai village.

If approaching from the north keep well clear of Hin Klang, a large area of shallow coral south of Koh Mai Phai. In the northeast season, it’s better to anchor in Ao Lanah and walk over on the track from the jetty.

The local children, under supervision of village elders, run a large general store and restaurant. It serves as a job training academy, teaching the kids the skills they’ll need to work serving foreigners in the island’s many hotels and restaurants. They do love a good tip.

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17 miles from Ao Nang, Krabi

AO LOH BA-KAO. 7°45.783N, 98°46.538E

Look for good holding in 15 metres on a sandy bottom offshore from the Phi Phi Village Resort and Spa – an attractive bungalow-style hotel with all the amenities. The hotel is particularly quiet, being the only development on this beach.

The anchorage has similar characteristics to ‘B’, although you need to anchor further offshore. At low tide the bay dries out leaving hundreds metres of exposed fringing coral and sand.

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17 miles from Ao Nang, Krabi

PHAKNAM BAY. 7°45.383N, 98°46.930E

Just around the south headland lies Relax Beach Resort with 10 moorings and an all-tide channel cut through the reef. The resort has good Thai fare, a shady beach and cracking snorkelling. Longtails are available at high tide for the 30-minute trip to Ton Sai Bay.

The resort gives access to the easy path winding up, up… and up, 40 minutes later arriving at “that view” over the two bays. Local ingenuity has somehow managed to portage a beer and ice cream fridge to the summit for every sunset. Well worth the effort.

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